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The Review of the Franck Muller Crazy Hours Replica Color Dreams Watch

Although the debate may rage through a thousand posts what the best replica watch is for under $150, I doubt few could argue that the funkiest movement for under a $150, or even three times that price, has to be the Franck Muller Heart Replica Watch.

This watch, available in a number of strap and bracelet options, dial colour layouts from sophisticated black on white to the playful Color Dreams Technicolour Rainbow is limited to a real working Jump Hour movement using a basic manual wind Asian 21J movement. What does this mean? Stay tuned and read below for my review of this great rep that can be had for just over $100 including shipping.

Franck Muller

Who is Franck Muller? And what has he done with my sequential ordering of numbers?

While noble Swiss Franck Muller Master Replica watch companies like Breguet and Patek Philippe may have Royal histories dating back over 150 years of horological mastery, Franck Muller's (who was born in 1958) watch house was not established until the early 1990's. In spite of this late start, Muller through a combination of equal parts marketting and mechanical wizardry has been able to achieve tremendous respect for his innovative mechanical and stylistic innovations so much so, as to truly earn his moniker of the "Master of Complications".

A look at the tri-axis tourbillon of the Evolution 3-1 pictured below is an example of this.With a string of patents for such things as design elements like the Curvex Diamond to tourbillon movements, Muller has been able to make such creations that have earned him the title of having the "most complicated Franck Muller Mariner Replica wristwatch in the world".

While there is no hope of ever having a Chinese rep factory make such complicated precision timepieces as the Evolution 3-1, it is surprising that something like the non-sequential jump hour movement of the Crazy Hours watches can be replicated, and at an extremely low price point.

The Crazy Hours

I had read about jump movements ages ago in various Franck Muller Long Island Replica watch magazines as movements that create a binary type of time display by not gradually having the selected number be determined by a gradually moving arm, but an arm that "jumps" from number to number, or a displayed number that flips at a precise point (like the date flip on a Noobmariner vs. an Asian 7750 movement).

Muller has taken this idea to the next level by printing his dial to display the hours non-sequentially going around the clock from "midnight" as 8-1-6-11-4-9-2-7-12-5-10-3 instead of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12. Because of this unique order, the hour "jumps" around the clock at the turn of the hour, while the minute hand rotates gradually as normal, so the time is read by looking at the actual number the hour hand is pointing to, the position the minute hand is pointing to and not the actual number.

The big question that everyone has about this replica is: Does the jump hour movement work?

The answer is: YES!

The movement is a modified Asian 21J manual wind movement. I have not opened the case, so I can't tell you any more than that.

It is a favourite pastime of children who can tell time to gather around the watch and see the hourly jump.It is a hoot set the time and fake watch the hour hand jump around the dial as the minute hand sweeps midnight. This feature alone I think, makes this replica watch a must have for any rep collection. When viewed from a distance, the Franck Muller Galet replica watch will appear to tell the wrong time, but when viewed up close, it will appear to in fact tell the right time, just not in a conventional manner.

Let's take a look at the fake watch in closer detail.

The Case

The replica watch arrived in the requested stainless steel Curvex case, measuring about 42mm high, and only 30mm wide.

- Spacing of the letters in Franck Muller at the top is inconsistent and much wider than the gen

- Engraving is very shallow so much so that the last "s" in Complications is cutoff

- Missing jeweller's marks

- Spelling error "COLORDRBAMS" instead of "Color Dreams"

If it's possible to get the standard Crazy Hours caseback, that would be an improvement to at least get rid of the spelling error.

The Dial

The Franck Muller Giga Tourbillon replica watch I ordered was from Silix and was a special item Jay had to find for me. It took about a week to source before he had it in the post. There are many dial options, but I chose the Color Dreams, given that if the Hours are Crazy, the colours should be Dreamy.